Cool Garage Accessories You’ll Want

Cool Garage Accessories You’ll Want

A garage offers handy extra storage or living space, whether it is used for garden supplies, storing a vehicle, or as a playroom. To level up your garage and make it even easier to use, explore these cool garage accessories you’ll want to add to your wishlist.

Smart Garage Door Opener

An automated garage door allows you to access your garage when your hands are full or when parking your car. It is also useful for those who struggle to lift or pull the weight of a garage door and can make the space inside more accessible for all ages.

Unlike traditional garage door openers which take the form of a fob or remote that works using radio transmissions, smart garage door openers use WiFi to allow you to open and close the door using an app. This app can be on your phone, tablet, or even connected directly to your car’s bluetooth or GPS, so you can stay behind the wheel when driving in or out of the garage.

Smart technology also allows you to check your garage door is closed when you are away, open it from a remote location, and integrate it with smart lights and cameras. 


Whether you are an amateur DIY-er or a keen room redecorator, a toolbox will keep all of your kit securely organised. Look for a model that offers separate sections for smaller items like screws and large tools like hammers, and pick a portable toolbox if you want to move it around the house with ease. 

Tool chests can be fixed in place if you do most of your work in the garage and feature handy drawers that can accommodate a wide range of accessories. Many have lockable sections for added security when storing valuable tools.

Bicycle Storage

Say goodbye to tripping over your bike. A wall-mounted bike rack or stand is the perfect place to store your wheels when you’re not out on a ride and will make it easier to move around the garage. In winter, keeping bikes in the garage will also ensure your home remains free of mud when returning from an outdoor adventure.

Bicycle storage is particularly handy if you use your garage as an additional living area like a playroom or office, as keeping bikes stowed away on the wall will free up space for other things, while also protecting the frame and tyres from damage.


From crafting to carpentry, there is a workbench to match every hobby and every garage. If your garage doubles-up as a place to indulge your favourite pastime, a workbench will give you a place to get stuck in and store all your supplies. 

Choose from a simple table or a unit complete with cupboards and drawers – or why not put your DIY skills to the test and craft your own workbench? A simple length of worktop mounted to the wall could be all you need to create a dedicated space for your hobby.

Motion Sensor Lights

Great for making it easier to navigate your garage after dark, or improving security when fitted outside, motion sensor lights are a must-have for any good garage. Heading to the garage with armfuls of stuff to store away? These lights will come on automatically so you don’t have to fumble for the switch in the dark.

Installing motion sensor lights above your garage door is also an effective deterrent to would-be intruders and will provide a bright welcome home when returning at the end of the day.

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