Electric Or Manual Garage Doors: Which is Better?

Electric Or Manual Garage Doors: Which is Better?

If you’re looking to install, upgrade or even replace your existing garage door, you’ll find yourself questioning whether an electric or a manual is more suited to your needs, budget and aesthetic. So, at Kirby Garage Doors, we’ve put together some key things to consider when making your pros and cons list for each option.


Electric doors boast convenience with their ability to be opened at the click of a button and in some cases, they can be motion sensor too. Manual doors, however, will require you to physically open and close the door every time you enter and exit, making them slower than electric options. This can be physically demanding for some and so electric garage doors eradicate that potential issue. Alternatively, some manual door styles can be installed with door handles so they open outwards rather than upwards, making them a great option too.


For those on a tighter budget, manual doors can be the more cost-effective option as electric doors can be costly and any repair can quickly become expensive too. 


As they are cheaper to install, manual doors are also generally easier to maintain and can be done quickly and effectively by yourself. Due to the nature of the system, electric door repairs and replacements can be difficult to do and will usually require the assistance of a professional. 

Safety & Security

A key element to consider when looking for the perfect garage door is the level of safety and security it can offer you for your home or premises. Manual gates do require owners to be diligent, ensuring that they are closed properly on entry and exit, especially when you’re in a rush. 

Electric doors, however, work with an automatic mechanism and which only releases when activated. Certain styles offer maximum security simply due to the way they are built and operate, making them less susceptible to force.

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