Garage Conversion Ideas

Garage Conversion Ideas

Although garages were built to store cars in, most people don’t actually use their garages for that purpose. Since most people are limited with space in their house, they use the garage to their advantage. Creating a room with an entirely different purpose is a much better use of space for some people. These are some ideas of what you can turn your garage into.

Garden Room

Rather than paying thousands of pounds adding a conservatory onto your home, which also takes up a large portion of the garden sometimes. You could turn your garage into a garden room which can act as a conservatory. In this room, you can add in some sofas for somewhere to relax or add a bar so you are always ready for a garden party.

Guest Room

Houses are so expensive these days that after you have found somewhere big enough for you and all the kids to sleep, you realise that there is no room for any guests. The garage allows you to create a guest room, with the high rise ceiling it is usually big enough to create a mezzanine bed with space to relax downstairs, you could even add a bathroom in if you have space.


Coronavirus has changed the way that we work. A lot of companies have even decided that offices are not needed anymore and working from home is the way to go. However, not everyone’s house is kitted out for this, transforming your garage into a workspace, especially if this is long term, is a great idea.


Are you sick of the kids running around and making a mess right after you have cleaned up? A playroom may help to combat this situation, it allows the kids to run around freely where they can have all of their toys, all in one room. 

Movie Room

Usually, a cinema only comes with a multi-million dollar house, however, you can create your own DIY cinema in your garage. All you need is a comfortable sofa, some armchairs or even bean bags along with a projector. You can do this room up for as cheap or expensive as you like, adding in some soundproofing, better acoustics or just some extra accessories can transform the space. Whatever you choose to do, this is the best place to do it due to the lack of light, the 1 or 2 small windows in the room could be easily blocked off.


Whatever kind of work you do whether is woodwork or art, this is a great place to do it. For all of the loud and messy tasks you need to carry out, the garage can provide the perfect solution since it is away from the home so you won’t disturb anyone.


Even if your gym is just 5 minutes down the road sometimes you just don’t want to leave your house. Although equipment can be expensive to buy, once you have it you won’t have to pay for a gym membership ever again, this is an extremely convenient way of going to the gym.

Music Studio

With a bit of soundproofing, this could be the perfect place to practice music. It would allow you to do so at all hours since no one can hear you in here. Sometimes people are most creative at night which isn’t great when people are sleeping, this means you can go do that whenever you like.

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