What We Can Repair:

Broken / Tangled Cables

Broken Spring Repairs

Roller / Track Issues

Locks Not Working

The Door Won’t Open

Automation Repairs

Spring Re-tensioning

Maintenance Services

Much More


Garage Door Repairs

If your garage door or remote unit has developed a mechanical fault then you have two options – you can choose to replace your garage door or repair it. Repairing the garage door is often the most cost-effective solution and is the perfect option if the mechanical problem isn’t too significant.

At Kirby Garage Doors, we will inspect your garage door, identify the fault and provide you with our professional opinion on what would be the best solution. We provide fast and reliable garage door repair services at cost-effective prices so your garage door can be up and running in no time.

If your garage door cannot be repaired we also offer garage door installations with various types of doors with different materials and colour options.


Garage Door Maintenance

To prevent the occurrence of a costly fault, we also offer a garage door maintenance service, where a member of our team will inspect the general health and performance of your garage door. We can identify any faults before it becomes a problem, and in most cases, by spotting the fault early we can fix it before it becomes irreparable for you.


Suppliers of Garage Door Accessories

Alongside our garage door repair service, we also supply a fantastic selection of garage door accessories for most types of garage doors. We offer automation spares, lock cylinders and everything in between. This is ideal for those who know what needs replacing and how to replace it. Contact us today for your garage door accessory requirements.